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Taking Alexander Technique Lessons

I am now teaching in Brussels, and am available for new students.

If you are new to the Technique, it might be a good idea to read both the short and the long explanations of the Alexander Technique on this site.

People come to the Technique because they are aware that they are not functioning as they would like.This might take the form of pain or discomfort, or limitations and lack of skill in tasks that they need to be well performed.

In considering the improvements we'd like to get from Alexander's Technique, we don't often think in terms of improved breathing, unless it's part of our professional requirements. But this is an an integral part of what the Technique achieves. Alexander, in his first years of teaching his Technique, was called "the breathing man" - he freed your breathing. Throughout his career, Alexander considered the quality of a pupil's breathing the best indication of his/her overall state.

My own career, and my long experience of singing teaching, give me particular insight into this aspect of the Technique, so vital to the deep, genuine release of the body.